World’s best 3DNozzle Electrostatic spraying Systems

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 World’s best 3DNozzle Electrostatic spraying Systems


ES 3dNozzles types of sprayer and Usage: 

  • Ground large and small scale – crop, field, orchard, plantation
  • Backpack outdoor gas power – greenhouse, warehouse, small fields
  • Indoor portable battery power  – rooms, warehouse, greenhouse
  • Aerial  airplane and helicopter –  crop, field, orchard, plantation

Benefits of electrostatic spraying technology:

Performance of chemical:  Total and complete 3D wrap around coverage of sprayed target objects . NOT possible by any conventional spraying method
Reduced application cost:  5 times less chemical is needed, no over spray, less spray drift, refueling time and cost
Application time: Labour saving, ease of use ( point and spray) no need to over lap, single pass application

Lower Environmental impact: less chemical is used, reduced worker exposure, less over spray and drift, cross contamination

 Two Videos: Conventional spray method verses Electrostatic

Conventional spraying of Rose greenhouse:    Conventional Spray Rose .

Electrostatic spraying of Rose greenhouse:      ES rose spray

What is an 3D nozzle Electrostatic spray  and how does it work

Electrostatic 3d nozzle is an attachment to a sprayer that uses electricity to positively charge the water-based particulate being sprayed

As the fine mist droplets (80 microns) exit the sprayers 3d nozzle with a positive electrostatic charge they are like tiny magnets that are very much attracted to negative earth ground. But the droplets are not attracted to themselves, it fact they repeal each other because they are of the same charge

Try to hold two magnet ends together. Positive + to positive + or negative – to negative – they repeal and move away from each other. Turn one magnet around so that they are now positive + to negative – . They are now strongly attracted to each other and form a tight bond. Thus the theory of electrostatic spraying. As magnets stick to most metals so do electrostatic charged droplets stick to most grounded objects

This repelling force means the droplets will not collide with each other thus a prefect uniform pattern is sprayed on the surface with no over spray, runs or blobs.  Unlike conventional spraying where droplets hit each other again and again to form a blob / blobs, runs and over spray

Electrostatic forces

Electrostatic forces

Now that flying droplets have a positive magnetic charge which is 75 times stronger than Gravity are forced to find a surface to land on that has no other droplets on it. Therefore they will travel all the way around, behind, under, over, or inside the target object being sprayed that is negative or ground (ed). Thus complete 3D surface coverage of the target object

Sprayed with 3D and without

Sprayed with 3D and without

3D electrostatic nozzles can and will reduce cost of product, cost of labour in application time with superior coverage. Safer with no spray drift, less exposure to worker and environment . Not possible any other way. No other product or method can do this

Think of the savings

Up to 70% less product is needed, 5 times better coverage and 5 – 1000 times faster application

Not being limited on how, what or where you spray makes 3D nozzle the logical choice

Mechanical spraying has been around for many years

early spray cartearly spray horse cart






In many shapes and sizes

Even with the advent of excellent environment friendly chemicals, the method of application has always been more important

early spray backpakhazard sign pour








The side effects of contamination and the ever increasing number of government and environmental regulations have also complicated the spraying process

hazard sign

hazard sign no enter









Automobiles have been painted electro-statically for many years. Prior to electrostatic spraying they used to bathe Autos in a pool of paint. This led to streaks, runs, uneven patches and wasted huge amounts of paint

car spray paint

3D spray efects





                      Electrostatic spray painting



For many years, men have tried to put an electrostatic charge on the chemicals that they spray

e spray man

THEN 18 years ago, the University of Georgia was successful in developing an electrostatic spray nozzle for water based solutions in agriculture

The advantages were enormous. Air assisted spray, small droplets, low voltage, very high attraction to grounded target objects, much less over spray and less chemicals are needed to produce even coverage

The electrostatic attraction is much stronger than the gravitational pull of the earth

spray mist 1

spray mist 2






Swirling, charged droplets travel around back, sides, underneath and inside the object

The results are amazing! Complete 3D coverage with minimal spray drift


plant uv lite

(left ) Conventional spray WITHOUT electrostatic charge at 5 gallons per acre

(right) with 3D electrostatic spray at 1 gallon per acre     The difference is visible

without 3d at 5gpawith 3D at 1gpa





To get the same surface coverage using a conventional spraying method, far too much product is used and wasted. By soaking the plants at 20 gallons per acre

conventional 3 head spray system

conventional 3 head spray system

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