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Spectrum Electrostatic sprayers are used by applicators around the world.

Our aerial spray systems are used for control of soybean rust in Brazil, to spray sugarcane in Africa, cereal grain crops in Australia, and cotton, rice, soybeans, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, and other crops in North America.

Spectrum Electrostatic ground sprayers are used in orchards, nurseries throughout North America, and our backpack spray systems improve control of mosquitoes and other disease vectors.


Here’s what aerial applicators around the world are saying about the Spectrum Electrostatic Aerial Spray System.

“We sprayed about 30,000 acres of cereal crops with the system the first few weeks we had it, without a bit of trouble. Our growers say they’ve never seen a better spray job from an airplane. The system has cut back our ferry trips to the loading pad, reduced our fuel costs, and saved us time. By switching from 3- or 4-gallon work to one gallons of solution per acre, we’ve nearly tripled the utility of our airplane. Using the electrostatic spray system is like having another aircraft and pilot on board.”


“We were able to spray three times as much ground after we installed our first Spectrum electrostatic system on an Ipanema aircraft. Now we operate three Ipanemas equipped with the electrostatic system to spray nearly 50,000 hectares of rice, soybeans and cotton annually. We get better spray deposition at the leaf, our customers are happy, and we’ve improved our profitability.”


“After we installed the Spectrum electrostatic aerial system on our Cessna Husky, I found I could spray up to 250 acres of sugarcane per hour. It’s the first time in 23 years that I haven’t been able to determine the direction of application on cane. And because the electrostatic charge improves the coverage and canopy penetration of products like Ethrel, my sugarcane growers think it could increase sucrose levels in the cane.”


“In the past five years, I’ve used the electrostatic system on an AT 402 to spray in excess of 700,000 acres of rice and cotton. The system lets me spray 300 acres of cotton and up to 400 acres of rice per hour at 1-gallon rates, compared to 200 acres per hour with a conventional system at a 5-gallon rate. We’ve put out just about everything our growers use through the system … Roundup, insecticides, fungicides … and I’ve have not had to re-spray a single acre. And farmers and consultants tell me they’ve never seen a prettier job of cotton defoliation.”