3D Nozzle electrostatic ground sprayers

3D Nozzle manufactures and markets a complete line of electrostatic mist sprayers. Air-assist or air-shear mist-blower systems for tractor-powered and engine-powered.

3D Spraying not limited to:  orchards, greenhouses, nurseries, vineyards, field crops and livestock operations.

Dis­in­fect­ing,San­i­tiz­ing,Bac­te­ria,Viruses,vec­tor Con­trol,Pes­ti­cides,Her­bi­cides,Mold


Model Series 510 – Orchards: Livestock Operations: Greenhouses: Nurseries: Vector Control: Field Crops.

510 Ground Blower

510 Ground Blower


Truck or Trailer – Single fan, electric rotating directional spraying control, tank 300-500 gallon, 55 hp diesel engine. Spray distance: 100 feet

Must See Videos

Video of 510 in action

Video Model 310 and 4010 Fly control

 Video 310 FD-  Saving 13 times on chemical used and application time



310 – Orchards: Vineyards: Livestock Operations: Field Crops: Nurseries: Greenhouses: Vector Control: Turf Management.

310 blower skid mount

310 blower skid mount

310DF Brochure

The 310 series has duel fans, independent electric directional operation and more options for spray head configurations than any of our other sprayers. These standard 3 point sprayers can be built onto pull trailers with separate engine options.  Spray distance: 25-50 feet


4010 Skid-Mount – Vector Control: Orchards: Livestock Operations: Nurseries: Grounds, Parks: Field Crops.

The 4010 is the most versatile self-contained 3D sprayer mounted on a skid can easily fit onto pickup truck, ATV, wagon or cart

4010 blower movable

4010 3d sprayer on cart

Engine-driven:  All Aluminum Construction. Hand held spray hose or Fixed spray head. Tank: 30 gallon (113.5 L) Polyethylene. Dry Weight: 250 lbs. (113.5 kg).

Gas or Diesel engine

4010 Skid Mount Brochure




Custom Design and built electrostatic sprayers to handle all spraying needs
Please contact us at [email protected]

Special Projects – Specific design for custom applications.

Banana sprayer

Banana sprayer

Banana pre-boxing spraying with fungicide using high voltagebanana spraying

510 blower pulled tractor

sprayer  tractor pulled

510 Ground sprayer tractor Pulled


blower greenhouse


ground greenhouse



4010 Skid mount Sprayer

4010 Skid mount Sprayer

4010 sprayer on cart

4010 sprayer on cart