Roller Cart and Backpack ES Sprayers by Emist.

Imagine the possibilities of electrostatic 3d sprayer into a completely portable, battery powered unit that is self contained. With rechargeable battery that has 2.5 hours of spraying time. No external Power required. Just recharge and spray

The Portable Roller Cart System is valuable to everyone responsible for the health and safety of surfaces where bacteria, germs, and pathogens can survive and become mobile.
The SMS is a patented and easy to use system designed to more effectively spray and apply any water soluble liquid agent including sanitizers, disinfectants, deodorizers, cleaners and others.
The Roller Cart System is a two component configuration designed for optimum mobility, performance, and liquid agent yield.
Roller Pack
The portable roller case is a hardened enclosure with retractable handle and heavy duty wheels. Inside, a four quart refillable tank, commercial grade precision pump, and rechargeable, interchangeable industrial battery allows taking the system anywhere – even in tight spaces.
Application Wand
The trigger activated application wand is made of high-impact resistant injection molded plastic. Inside, the proprietary quiet fan, power supply and droplet charging assembly assure simplified use. Connect to the roller pack with the quick-snap tether and go to work.

• Roller Pack, Wand & Battery

battery ES backpack sprayer

em360 BackPack

• Any water soluble agent
• Eight foot wand tether
• Trigger safety mechanism
• Charging indicator LED
• Non-fogging, non-inhalation mist
• No wiping after application
• Average 25 pounds with liquid
• Controlled liquid yield
• Average 6,000 touch points/tank
• Average 45,000 sq. ft. per hour
• Average battery rotation one hour
• Battery charger included
• Simple maintenance
• Flush periodically with water
• Drain and retain unused liquids
• PPE designated by liquid guidelines
• One year and lifetime warranties

The Touch Point Healthy Certified seal of approval is the sign that an organization has met the requirements for proper surface disinfection.
• Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
• Enhances staff recruitment and development while reducing staff turnover
• Provides practical marketing tools to leverage your unique accreditation and status


Commercial quality perfect for indoor usage:  Industrial, residential or closed in places
Hospital:  Health care: Schools: Day care:  Recreation centre: Bus: Cruise ship: Ferries: Trains: Air Planes

Not being limited on where, how and what you spray is why no touch 3D Nozzle is the only logical choice

Best used for Disinfecting and Sanitizing. Herbicides: Pesticides: vector control, killing bed bugs or bacteria or virus control. All without cross contamination or over drift

Real life situation to disinfect a school bus. What materials would be needed and how long would it take the conventional way.  Let’s break it down and see.  Supplies needed: Overalls, mask, safety glasses, rubber gloves, pail, brush, rags and more rags. Let’s start from the back of the bus and do the roof first, then the back-side and side panels, windows, mouldings, floor, under seats, top of seats, railing, light fixtures, try to get into the heating and AC vents, and also the front of the bus, steering wheel, dash, doors , ect. Most of the day has passed by now and you’re probably sick of smelling the disinfectant for this length of time. ( not to mention aching back and joints )  How many Liters of disinfectant was used ?

Yes,there is a better and faster way. Electrostatic

Now don’t get mad if it took less then 5 minutes with the portable electrostatic 3D nozzle sprayer. No more messy gloves, pails, brushes and rags. Better 3D coverage especially in hard to reach places like under seats, heater and AC ducts. Also far less product is needed approximately ten to one (1/10)

Another example:  1800 square foot training gym for athletes along with exercise equipment, weights and protective gear took just 7 minutes and used only 53 ounces of product. Throw in change room, lockers, bathroom and showers and you’re done in a half an hour

So how long would this take with the conventional way? With a bucket, mop and rag

Imagine if the hospitals and cruise ships started using this 3D electrostatic technology to stop the spread of the killer Super-bugs and Virus


Portable sprayer EM locker

ES Portable Roll Cart

ES Portable Roll Cart

Portable sprayer EM wand








User Examples
• Healthcare Infection Prevention/Control: The best and most cost-effective advancement in decades in the control and neutralization of contaminated surfaces.
• Contract Cleaning Services: A new tool to improve performance capabilities and increase operating margins.
• Housekeeping/Environmental Staff: Simplify surface management and free up time with dramatically better sanitizing, disinfection, deodorizing, and other applications.
• Hazardous Material Services: New opportunities to react faster and more effectively to outbreaks or disasters.
• Farm-to-Fork Supply Chain: Improve abilities to bring your best chemistry to the most challenging environments.
• Chemical Manufacturers: The best option to duplicate laboratory performance of great chemicals in the real world.

Used for Disinfecting and Sanitizing.  Killing bugs, bacteria and viruses in minutes


portable electric spray bus

portable electrostatic spraying bus

Athletic Departments

Schools and School buses

Detention Centers

Public Transportation

Government Buildings


Cruise ships

portable electric spray unit school

portable electrostatic spraying  school

Fire Departments

Law Enforcement

Air Craft

Air Port Terminals

Hotels / Bed Bugs


Videos to Watch

Long Term Care Testimonial

video 3d electrostatic spraying disinfectent in shower and weight room

video 3d sprayer locker room

video 3d electrostatic sprayer disinfect school bus