Sales of 3D Nozzle Electrostatic spraying nozzles and spray systems. Aerial field, Ground crop, Indoor disinfecting

3D Nozzle Electrostatic Gas powered Backpack Conversion Kit

3d nozzle backpack convert kit

3d Nozzle Kit

Convert existing gas power backpack sprayer into 3d electrostatic mist sprayer. With complete easy to read colour printed installation instructions.
$500.00 USD plus $30 shipping to Canada and USA
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks shipping via ground

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Cifarelli or Stihl Sprayer with 3d Nozzle kit pre-installed

Backpack gas power sprayer with electrostatic 3d nozzle pre-installed

Stihl SR450 sprayer

Stihl SR450 sprayer

Warranty by sprayer manufacturer
$1700.00 plus $325 shipping
Ships in 3 – 4 weeks via ground



110 Volt 3D Nozzle Electrostatic Spray Kit

Convert electric leaf blower into electrostatic sprayer110 Volt 3D Nozzle

110 Volt 3D Nozzle

$500.00 plus $30 shipping Canada and USA
Ships in 1 week via ground

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 Portable 3D electrostatic sprayer

Industrial quality, Self contained  battery power 3d sprayer

Ideal for indoor disinfecting and sanitation.

3d coverage for getting into the nooks and crannies and behind objects

$8000.00 plus $225.00 shipping
special order please allow 3 weeks before shipping via ground

Roll Cart  or BackPack

Sold OUT


EM360RC Roller Cart

4010 Skid Mount 3d electrostatic sprayer

4010 skidmount

4010 skidmount

Engine-driven gas or diesel
All Aluminum Construction
Hand held spray hose or Fixed spray head
Tank: 10 /  30 gallon (113.5 L) Polyethylene
Dry Weight: 250 lbs. (113.5 kg)
Prices very depending on configuration
4010 skidmount gas start at $17,500.00 plus freight
4010 skidmount diesel start at $21,000.00 plus freight
Special order please allow 4-6 weeks before shipping


310 and 510 Field and Orchard Sprayers

Custom Design and built

510 field sprayer

to handle all spraying needs
Please contact us at [email protected]

310 spray head







Aerial electrostatic sprayer nozzle is the world most effective method of field crop spraying.
Less then one (1) gallon  (4 liters) per acre for total and complete 3d crop coverage
Easy mount, light weight to fit any airplane and or helicopter.

Custom fit and designed pricing start at $45.000

aerial mist sprayer aerial spray nozzles 2 rows aerial spray system Airplane spray crop


Helicopter ES spray

Helicopter ES 3d spray